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    If your very first time with another woman is going to happen, it’s already steamy, exciting, and overwhelming. Now, add more than one other woman! Lesbian sex in groups is explored here, and the lesbian seduction is rampant as women experience lesbian awakening at the hands of more than one woman.

    Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should listen to this collection.

    • Breakup Therapy by Lisa Vickers - We’d gathered to bitch about our exes but things sure took a crazy turn. We were moaning about not getting laid and my friend suddenly took charge. All four of us got laid, only there weren’t any guys there. It was my first lesbian sex experience, and it happened with three other girls!

    • Girls’ Night Out by Ericka Hardwick - Mary Anne doesn’t really want to go on the silly “free vacation” from the timeshare company. On the other hand, she and her best friend Darlene have been forgoing their Girls’ nights out, so she decides to go. What an experience it turns out to be! When the friends meet the beautiful and alluring identical twins Cindy and Sandy, things take a turn to the erotic and before long Mary Anne has her first ever lesbian sex experience…and she has it with three other girls!

    • Hot Tub Honeys by DP Backhaus - When my friends and I got together to celebrate my birthday and for me to show them my new hot tub, I never expected things to go the way they did...Annie and Sylvie ended up making out right in front of me! Before I knew it, I was joining in for my very first lesbian experience! It was terrifying and wonderful. It was scary and beautiful. It was everything I could have wished for if it had ever occurred to me to make that wish!

    • I Didn’t Know It Was That Kind of Party! by Maggie Fremont - When my friend Liz convinced me to go to a party with a bunch of her model friends, I knew I needed to cut loose a bit and have some fun. Of course, I wasn’t all that keen on being at a party with nothing but supermodel types, but I did all I could to look as sexy as I could and hoped I could get one of their rejects. Boy was I wrong. There weren’t any men at the party, and they were about to show me that they didn’t need any. My first lesbian experience wasn’t going to be with a girl…it would be with girls, and lots of them!

    • The Surprise Lesbian Orgy by Andi Allyn - When I stepped out of the shower, I stepped into an orgy! My roommates were all naked and going at it in the living room. I couldn’t believe they were sleeping with each other - girls with girls. I couldn’t believe they were doing it right in the living room. I couldn’t believe it was happening out of nowhere. Most of all, I couldn’t believe that I joined in!
    ©2014 DRC Erotic Anthologies (P)2019 Naughty Daydreams Press

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