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    You are about to discover what makes the Montessori method of learning toddlers discipline and education superior to all the others, tired ways of learning, especially in today’s fast paced world!

    I know you want your child or students to excel; that’s the desire of every parent, teacher, or school administrator. And what’s the best approach to teaching children to excel, especially in today’s complex and changing environment, to make them responsible and intelligent?

    I will answer this by posing some questions...

    Is there anything wrong with the old system of learning?

    Are learners today ready to tackle today’s problems right out of school?

    I’ll leave you to answer these questions yourself. 

    But the reason you are reading this is perhaps because you are thinking of trying something different, something more effective and something more robust in shaping learners to solve modern day problems intelligently.

    Enter Montessori; the learning system that’s being touted as the solution to the shortcomings of the old way of learning where the teacher sets everything, knows it all and does not involve the learners anywhere except in telling them what to do and what not to do.

    In Montessori, the learners lead the teacher - the teacher is there to offer any assistance that the learners may need in the learning process!

    They (learners) decide what, how and when to learn in a way that is stimulating enough to allow them to grasp everything and apply it in everyday life!

    You will get an insider look into the Montessori method so that by the end of this audiobook, you can make an informed decision to incorporate it into your child’s learning.

    Are you excited to learn more about the Montessori method? Buy your copy right away!

    ©2020 Luna Maxwell (P)2020 Luna Maxwell

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