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Minimalistic Lifestyle: 10 Easy Steps to Becoming a Minimalist

Ultimate Guide to Home and Digital Decluttering and Organizing for the Minimalist Mom & More!
Autor: Carin Tyean
Sprecher: Gretchen Wylder
Spieldauer: 41 Min.

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Imagine a manageable housekeeping routine that is stress free. Imagine coming home after a long day at work to a neat, orderly, and clear home. Sounds impossible? Then maybe it's time to organize and declutter the minimalist way.

If clutter could talk, it would be an annoying and nagging boss that would always tell you to pick it up, clean it up, organize it, or store it. Start having more control over your stuff and not the other way around. Be the boss, and don't let the clutter boss you around.

The greatest benefit of having less clutter in our home, I must say, is that cleaning has become so much easier. Before I started the decluttering project, it was always so daunting to dust the shelves, especially the top, because I had to go through a lot of knickknacks. There are arrays of loose magazines and stacks of everything else in one corner that I never had the chance to tuck away.

When I successfully finished reorganizing the house, it took so much less time to put all the clutter away and clean, since there are fewer things in the way.

With less clutter, the house now seemed to become homier, more calm, relaxing, neat, clean, and spacious. You will also find this true once you start decluttering your own home. Try it with a simple experiment with two countertops. Reorganize, declutter, and remove unnecessary items from one, and leave the other one as it is. Take a look at both counters. I am certain that the clear countertop will have a calming effect while the cluttered one will certainly give you feelings of anxiety and distraction. Now amplify your response through your house. A decluttered home with fewer things is blissfully less stressful and less of an eyesore.

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