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  • Mindfulness for Beginners

  • How to Maximize Mind Power, Boost Mindfulness Through Transcendental Meditation and Maintain a Healthy, Spiritually-Awakened Life
  • Von: Piia Rauha
  • Gesprochen von: Stacky Vos
  • Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 27 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch
  • Kategorien: Religion & Spiritualität, Spiritualität

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    Are you ready for your spiritual awakening? Distractions, a lack of energy and unhappiness have kept you from your true purpose - and these techniques will help you discover it!

    Most people are too busy with the clutter of life to realize that spirituality has been the missing element all along. When you practice mindfulness, your mental, physical, and spiritual health align to help you lead a more purpose-driven existence. This is the guide that changes your mind. 

    In Mindfulness, I teach you how to create happiness, declutter your mind, and nurture spiritual awareness to become the most powerful version of yourself. No more stress, anxiety, and confusion weighing you down! Only the clean, focused clarity that these incredible techniques offer. 

    In this guide you’ll discover:

    • Practical techniques that will help you practice mindfulness every day
    • How to increase your focus on the right things for mental clarity
    • The power of meditation if you actually take the time to do it
    • Transforming the way that you eat, love, and work with mindfulness
    • How to apply mindfulness to your current routine
    • How to be a present, compassionate, and social person who is full of love 

    With mindfulness on your side, you will slowly uncover your real hopes, desires, and dreams. Get to know yourself, before the world robs you of that chance!

    A powerful mind, a calm body, and full spiritual life will grant you the ability to be anything you want to be. Best of all, you’ll know exactly what that is by following this guide. 

    Learn how to boost your mindfulness with this guide.

    Buy it now and find your purpose!

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