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    Feeling anxious most of the time? A barrage of thoughts always running through your head? Stressed by all the stuff around you? Discover the power of mindfulness today!

    In today’s world, it’s so hard to find a moment of calm. Every day, you go through a vicious cycle of feeling stressed and anxious most of the time. Or maybe, you go from feeling happy to angry to sad and feeling helpless - all in one day.

    It may be because of your work and the million things you need to do, or maybe it’s because of coming home and not really feeling comfortable or rested.

    The bottom line is - you need to make a change.

    So, how do you start?

    In this bundle, you can get everything you need to know to start that change - in your lifestyle and in your mindset.

    Books included:

    • Mindfulness for Beginners - 32 easy mindfulness exercises for beginners on how to live life in the present moment, relieve stress and reduce anxiety
    • Mindfulness - How to completely destroy stress and anxiety in 30 days.
    • Minimalist - Your 30 day mental rework guide to a minimalist life, to declutter your home, mind and emotions
    • Essential Oils - Essential Oils for beginners your guide to healing with aromatherapy and essential oil recipes for beauty and health

    Take control of your emotions. Take control of your mind. Rediscover how it feels to have inner peace. Revel in the feeling of calm and happiness that can again wash over you.

    Grab your copy of Mindfulness Bible today!

    ©2019 Beatrice Anahata (P)2019 Beatrice Anahata

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