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Million Dollar Membership Site

The Build It and Sell It Way to Riches
Autor: John Hawkins
Sprecher: Lynette
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Discover the art of having strong retention rates for your membership site and learn how you can build a full time income from it! 

Are you not making the membership income you truly desire? Who else wants to rake in huge membership profits hand over fist without breaking a sweat?

The internet has been called “the great equalizer”. Anyone who has access to a computer and an internet connection has the entire world at their fingertips. The World Wide Web bridges oceans and continents and brings people together. Since the internet came into civilian use in the mid-90s, websites containing useful information and entertainment have draw the most views.

This rapid explosion of online presence has also brought about a new phenomenon: social networking. This technology is both advanced and human. It is advanced because it transmits information at lightning speed; it is human because it harnesses the human potential to connect, share, and communicate.

Many enterprising individuals have also started websites that require paid membership; these websites contain information that is otherwise inaccessible to others. Discussion forums are another form of network that allows sharing of ideas and concepts among people with similar passions and interests.

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