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If you're sick and tired of learning 20th century Spanish when we're living in the 21st century, then pay close attention....

Language is changing faster now than any other time in history. Think I am exaggerating? Well, think about it....We don’t just eat eggs nowadays - we eat cage-free eggs and free-range eggs. We don’t just watch wrestling and boxing - we watch the UFC or MMA. And when we need an extra boost of energy, we don’t just drink coffee. We drink energy drinks, and we take smart drugs or nootropics. And like it or not...We don’t only have male or female any longer. We now also have transgender.   

Now I’m going to tell you something extremely you pay very close attention. If you want to master real conversational Spanish for the new millennium, then you need a program designed to teach you real conversational Spanish for the new millennium.   

That’s where Millennial Beginner Spanish comes into play....Because using a Spanish program designed to teach you Spanish from the previous century - or decades ago - is not going to do the job. Here’s what you get with this program:   

  • Over 15 hours of recorded authentic Latin American Spanish lessons 
  • Core program has 25 audio Spanish lessons
  • Nine bonus audio Spanish lessons included 
  • A collection of 21st century Spanish vocabulary for technology, the web, social media, veganism, UFC/MMA events, Uber transportation, digital nomad life, etc. 
  • Method for you to master beginner-level verb tenses 
  • Only native Spanish-speaking voice actors to develop an authentic Latin American Spanish accent  

Most importantly, I’ve used the same engaging and interactive learning method made famous by my Learning Spanish Like Crazy system - which has empowered tens of thousands to speak real conversational Latin American Spanish - with confidence. To master real conversational Latin American Spanish for this millennium, get this audiobook now!

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

©2020 Multilingual Learning, LLC (P)2020 Multilingual Learning, LLC

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