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    Have you ever wondered what distinguishes the most successful people from all of us? Is it superior genes, or is it better education? Not at all, man.

    The real reason that some people are able to achieve the highest level of performance is their reliance on mental models. They've understood and incorporated organized thought into their own intellectual toolbox. They will use these models in order to produce better than average performance.

    A mental model is just a simpler way to look at a more complex problem.

    This makes this easier for you to understand and draw an accurate conclusion. You may not be aware of it, but you use models every day. A map is a model that most people understand. Once you leave your house for work, you don't need to constantly check the written instructions, you have internalized the map. You've got a mental plan on how to get to work. It saves you time and makes your life simpler. Imagine being able to internalize mental models of various and more complex types of problems.

    Each one of us has perceptions of reality about how the world works - or should at least work. Created from everyday experiences, external stimuli, and rewarding actions, mental models are the driving force that drives our thinking, provides understanding, and guides our decision-making. And just like a computer hard drive, these fundamental assumptions so inner values need to be revised and restored on a regular basis.

    Here is a preview of what you will learn:

    • What Are Mental Models?
    • What Is Your Mental Model?
    • The Power of the Mind and Mental Models: Our Potential for Life
    • Psychological Models – the Second Discipline of Learning Organizations
    • The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions
    • Utilizing Mental Models to Improve Business Innovation
    • Mental Models to Use Right Now to Improve Your Work
    • Examples of Mental Models for an Organization
    • And many more...

    Are you ready to create a life that you've always dreamed of? Use the knowledge in this audiobook to master your own mind with resources that are readily available and already within you.

    Whether you're a CEO or a mom at home, mental models can be important to your life.

    ©2020 Henzo Silvy (P)2020 Henzo Silvy

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