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Melanie's Turn: A Striptease Erotica Story

Janice and Melanie Strut Their Stuff, Book 2
Autor: Riley Wylde
Sprecher: Layla Dawn
Spieldauer: 13 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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Janice and Melanie are ultra-competitive, and Bobby is lucky enough to be the one they always run to when they want a judge. In this case, they want him to judge their strip tease competition. Janice is voluptuous and curvy, the perfect picture of luscious beauty. Melanie is petite and tiny - but she's also the picture of luscious beauty? How in hell will he decide between the two of them? Who the hell cares? He gets to have both of them perform strip teases for him!

In volume two, Janice has already danced, and she was incredible with a sexy lap dance, but Melanie isn't giving up. In fact, she proves that she can lap dance with the best of them, and even in her body stocking she makes it seem like she and Bobby are actually having sex when she dances on him.

Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of erotic activity.

©2015 Digismith Press (P)2015 Digismith Naughty Nightingale Erotica Publishing


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