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    Beschreibung von Audible

    American travel journalist Patricia L. Lawrence takes the listener on an exploration of Tikal in northeast Guatemala, where she visits temples and museums to gain a greater understanding of Mayan culture. For centuries, Tikal played a vital role in Mayan civilization. Tikal National Park is still a site for Mayan ceremonies. Lawrence is an engaging and inquisitive speaker, and her curiosity leads to extraordinary adventures and cultural experiences. She interviews a series of experts who discuss the unique attributes, breathtaking sights, and latest developments in the Central American country.


    Tikal was a major center of Mayan civilization for centuries. Today, Tikal National Park is still used by Mayans for ceremonies. Tikal is also home to thousands of animals and plants. We find out about some from our guide. (This Audio Journey is also available in our MesoAmerica Series.)
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