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    Is persuasion something that you could use in your life but are lacking in the ability and techniques?

    Are you someone who wants to be able to bend others to your point of view?

    Get this audiobook now and change all of that!

    Being able to manipulate others and persuade them that your position is the right one can be useful for all sorts of jobs and in many life situations, from being competent at sales to working in the emergency services. It is also useful when negotiating in business or simply when you are having a disagreement that isn’t going your way.

    Inside this audiobook, you will find that there are several techniques that can be used when it comes to getting others to accept your point of view, and will provide you with benefits such as:

    • 121 persuasive techniques to influence people
    • Improving your career and relationships
    • Your mental strength will improve
    • New skills will help with all aspects of life
    • Conflicts will be fewer and resolved much sooner
    • You’ll become more aware of those who seek to control you in a negative way
    • Accelerate results in the workplace and business
    • Improved communication and interpersonal skills
    • And much much more....

    The power of persuasion is as old as time and can often be used against us subliminally and in ways that we are not aware of. But by listening to Master the Art of Persuasion and improving your knowledge of this amazing ability, you will be better prepared not only to influence and persuade others but to become resistant to the darker side of it as well.

    If you want to know more, listen to this audiobook now!

    ©2020 Marvin Walsh (P)2020 Marvin Walsh

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