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    I’m Ivy Giacometti, a nightclub singer from New York, but tonight, I’m masquerading as Miss Black. I’m visiting my friend Tessa who lives in New Orleans and we’ve just been busted for gate-crashing a masked party after Tessa pretends to know Countess Montgomery, the mysterious hostess. 

    A charming and devilishly attractive stranger saves us from humiliation and ushers us inside, and it soon becomes clear that this is not the kind of party I was expecting. Things are getting heated and the atmosphere is unconventional to say the least, but so is my hostess, the Phantom, who drives me to my limits in a private room upstairs. 

    When identities are hidden, nothing is what it seems, and only time will reveal what lies beneath when the mask finally drops....

    ©2020 Lise Gold Books (P)2020 Lise Gold Books

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