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    It was hard enough to get by with the limited rights that were afforded to women in the 1800s, let alone trying to develop your own religion, but that is exactly what Mary Baker Eddy did. Told here in a riveting production from The Famous Women Series is an engaging and thought-provoking look at the life and studies of the founder of Christian Science. Through a life of physical hardships, Eddy devoted countless hours to studying spiritualism and eventually produced the controversial and powerful book, Science and Health. This is the story of one women whose tireless work changed the way we think about spirituality.


    The founder of a new religious movement, Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy was a rather fragile woman, unknown until her 50s. The publication of her work Science and Health attracted storms of criticism. But within 10 years, a new religion embracing metaphysical healing had spread throughout America. This is the riveting story of a woman who challenged established practice to sensational effect.
    ©1976 Geoffrey Orme (P)1976 Ivan and Inge Berg

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