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    Do you love spiritual books? Prepare yourself to be transported instantly by Marine Butterfly - A Wondrous Story Beyond Our Boundaries of Love. Because time spent on it is worth your new experience of love, God, and relationship.

    A young woman, Iskoytur, lives on the Planet called Zam, which means "reflected light on a tranquil lake". Her mother is a bearer of a sacred genius knowledge that is supposed to make life easier to predict and troubles to avoid. Will such knowledge help Iskoytur when she strikes on her first crush? Almighty Triangle "Worldview - Empathy - Sex" (WES) will guide our heroine through interplanetary travel, derails, and obstacles to happy marriage on Earth.

    Invites listener to journey into their relationship patterns with others, and with yourself, into brain resources of realization and goals. Artificial intellect, freewill, surrender, and faith will be addressed also.

    This book is intended for mature audiences.

    ©2016 Alexej Bartuli (P)2017 Alexej Bartuli

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