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    Learn to use body language power with the help of exercises and tips that have been tested in practice.

    Would you like to convince other people of you or your ideas? Would you like to know what your partner is thinking? Would you like to understand it and be able to react?

    Would you like to work on your influence and have more confidence in yourself?

    It is all possible. For this, you have to be in a situation where you can understand and analyze people. Body language will help you learn this. It is the key to find out how people operate.

    Non-verbal communication gives us a lot more information about a person than verbal communication. Body language helps us understand other people much more and what they will never say. For this, you need to be prepared to pay more attention to body language.

    With this book, you have the opportunity to learn to read other people's body language. All the exercises and advice in this book are geared towards helping you discover and understand people.

    Seeing what the other is thinking and feeling transforms our interpersonal relationships. Gestures and words do not always flow in the same direction. This book will be handy to you at work, as a couple, with your children, your friends, and even strangers because, every day, more than 200 facts and gestures can pass under your nose without you realizing it, gestures that others or yourself pose automatically. This guide will allow you to interact more easily with your interlocutor, better understand your reactions to them, and see the truth! You'll know if the person is lying to you if they like you if they are real, if they are manipulating you. 

    Stop wasting your time and learn how to use the power of body language to your advantage today. Buy this book now! 

    ©2020 Stephen Maslow (P)2020 Stephen Maslow

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