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    Molly Butler knows that office politics can be hard enough to navigate, without secretly wanting to screw your boss. Which is why she made it her rule, many years before, to never work for a man she was attracted to. Unfortunately, the HR team failed to take her overwhelming desires into account, as they set about restructuring the company. 

    Molly soon finds herself in the unenviable position of working for Jake Hunter. Tall, dark, highly intelligent, and ruggedly handsome, the sparks fly between them the first time they lock eyes across the boardroom table. As open-minded and playful at work, as he is in the bedroom, Jake views the company policy that inter-office relationships are forbidden, as more of a guideline. As the sexual tension quickly builds, Molly abandons her long-standing rule for the indescribable pleasure of being with the insatiable Jake. 

    But can their fledgling relationship survive the fact that extra-curricular activities between co-workers are very much against company policy?

    This stand-alone book is the first in the Forbidden Desires Series. The next in the series is To Love, Honour and...Oh Pay.

    The latest news from Fenella Ashworth can be found at
    Fenella is a British author of contemporary erotic romance for 18+. Her most popular books are One Hot Wynter’s Night, Patients is a Virtue, Just Another Winter's Tale, To Love, Honour and...Oh Pay, and the Daniel Lawson Series. 

    ©2019 Fenella Ashworth (P)2021 Fenella Ashworth

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