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Management, Revised Edition

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Peter F. Drucker’s groundbreaking book Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices has been revised. Claremont Graduate University Professor Joseph Maciariello, one of Drucker’s foremost students and protégés, completed the work. 

“There are very few writers of whom one can say they invented an entire field of study”, said Maciariello, who teaches at CGU’s Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management and also serves as academic director at the Drucker Institute. “Management as a concept literally did not exist until this groundbreaking work from Drucker. From Jim Collins to Jack Welch, every great theorist and practitioner of management has walked in Drucker’s footsteps. It really was a must-read text for every serious student of the field.” 

The book, originally written in 1973, has now been updated to meet the needs of the modern-day manager. Almost every minute contains new and reworked material that reflects the 30 years of Drucker’s thinking and writing that postdated the original edition. Business examples that have now gone out of date have been reworked; commentary to explore and explain Drucker’s thinking and its applications has been added throughout. 

In the work, Drucker explored how managers can perform effectively. Examining management cases with a global eye, Drucker laid out the essentials of performance, and discussed the social and cultural environment in which managers and organizations operate. For three decades, managers from all arenas - public, private and nonprofit - have relied on the book to prepare themselves to meet the challenges of an ever-changing environment. 

“The original Management was a landmark”, said Rick Wartzman, director of the Drucker Institute. “Joe Maciariello has done a tremendous service - for scholars and practitioners alike - by updating it so thoroughly and thoughtfully.“

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