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    Mystery Writers of America grand master Phyllis A. Whitney, author of more than 70 bestsellers, presides over a salon of today's wittiest writers of mystery in this sparkling addition to the series. Malice Domestic 5> once again delivers the style of skillfully plotted crime writing that is a credit to the Agatha Christie tradition. Short stories include: "A Parrot is Forever" by Peter Lovesey; "Accidents will Happen" by Carolyn Wheat; "Bugged" by Eve K. Sanderstrom; "The Bun Also Rises" by Jill Churchill; "Hill People" by Dean Feldmeyer; "Double Jeopardy" by Eileen Dreyer; "Vivian By Moonlight" by Medora Sale; "Crossed Keys" by Patricia Moyes; "Barbecued Bimbo" by Susan Rogers Cooper; and "Honeymoon" by Nancy Atherton.

    ©1996 Peter Lovesey; ©1996 Carolyn Wheat; ©1996 Eve K. Sanderstrom; ©1996 Jill Churchill; ©1996 Dean Feldmeyer; ©1996 Eileen Dreyer; ©1996 Medora Sale; ©1996 Patricia Moyes; ©1996 Susan Rogers Cooper; ©1996 Nancy Atherton

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