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    What do you know about psychedelic substances and the possibility of touching the deepest part of you? Read on...

    Imagine yourself revealing your inner power, improving your mental awareness, and dramatically increasing your sensitive capacity.

    Human beings have always perceived power outside their rational sphere and tried many ways to achieve it. The use of magic mushrooms comes from years and years ago. In this audiobook, the author takes you by the hand, letting you discover the seven-step model he uses to grow fruits of gods directly at home.

    If you've always had an interest in reaching higher states of awareness and a spiritual state where everyday problems become small and dreamlike feelings of belonging to something much deeper take their place, you have found the right tool.

    Here is just a brief look at what you will find inside:

    • Life-changing benefits of magic mushrooms in self-development
    • The most common psylocibin species and how to recognize them
    • The best amount for maximum benefits and safe use
    • Detailed checklist for essentials mushroom-growing tools
    • The seven-step cultivation process explained in detail for complete beginners
    • Proven ways to avoid contamination during the cultivation process
    • Main aspects to consider when embarking on your psychedelic journey
    • Ways how magic mushrooms enhance your sensitivity and empathy
    • Six mind-bending facts about magic mushrooms that no one ever told you
    • And much more!

    Even if you are a complete beginner in this field, this easy-to-follow audiobook will guide you through every single step to get your first flush ready in less than two months.

    When you master the strategies represented inside, you will no longer worry about safety and possible negative effects. Just calmness, deep spirituality, and aliveness. What else do you need?

    Scroll up, buy the audiobook, and start your psychedelic journey right now!

    ©2020 Timothy Wood (P)2020 Timothy Wood

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