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    Your ultimate introduction to machine learning!

    If you’re into tech news, you probably see words like “deep learning” and “neural networks” every other day. And if you’re considering a career change, you’ve probably heard how you should try and become a data analyst or a data scientist. But what is behind these fancy words? Are they the technologies of the future or just fashionable buzzwords?

    This book has all the answers!

    Previously, computers couldn’t learn by themselves. They just did what programmers told them to. Today, we can model our brain’s learning processes and make computers actually learn new things and make smart decisions based on large amounts of data. No human is able to think about so much data at the same time. Sometimes, computers can be smarter than people!

    Sounds exciting? Well, Philip Pearson will tell you more! His book on machine learning is the ultimate guide to deep learning, neural networks, data science, and data analysis. This beginner-friendly machine learning audiobook explains the basic concepts and shows how they function in real life, so you’ll gain a deep understanding of the principles and technologies used in machine learning. 

    The book also includes a guide to Python, the programming language that data scientists most commonly use. You can even follow the step-by-step instructions and write some simple programs to get a taste of Python!

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • Ways how a computer can learn in the same way that a human brain does
    • Reasons why machine learning is so important today
    • The basics of Python, the programming language commonly used for data science and analytics
    • Ways how data science turns huge amounts of information into valuable insights
    • And much, much more!

    Get to know today’s most exciting technologies with this inspiring guide! Buy the audiobook now. 

    ©2019 Ken Madron (P)2019 Ken Madron

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