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  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Essential Guide to Understanding How ML and AI Can Be Applied In Practice and Be Compatible with Human Behaviour In Modern Times.
  • Autor: Chris Neil
  • Sprecher: Timothy Burke
  • Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 13 Min.
  • Kategorien: Computer & Technologie, Informatik

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    Do you want to learn how machine learning and AI can be applied in practice and be compatible with human behavior in modern times? If yes, then keep reading...

    Machine learning is a data-driven approach. Hence, it implies the availability of large datasets in order to make accurate decisions. The way a machine learning approach works is that a modeler develops a learning algorithm. Then the modeler feeds the learning algorithm with the data and information. The algorithm learns by itself from the data with no guidance or human interference. If the data provided for the algorithm is of poor quality and biased, even the system will be. Hence, cleaning and acquiring the right data to solve a problem with machine learning problem is very crucial.

    Could turning important decisions over to AI help humanity? Some might say that's a terrible idea, but how much worse is it today where we've turned over our societies and civilizations to corrupt leadership, crony capitalism, or had to deal with rogue nation states in other parts of the world with two bit dictators, religious fanaticism, or the quest to destroy another group of peoples' civilization?

    Perhaps, it's time we came up with a special think tank that could go through all the issues concerning our fears and what we hope to expect from AI decision-making machines. That is to say how to get the best possible answer all the time with the greatest probability.

    This audiobook gives comprehensive information on the following chapters:

    • Correlation Between Machine Learning and Artificial Learning
    • The Era of Evolution
    • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Practice
    • Self-Driving Cars
    • Robots and How They Will Change Our Lives
    • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IoT
    • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
    • Artificial Intelligence and Privacy
    • Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous?
    • Will Humans and Artificial Intelligence Live Together in Future?
    • And more!

    Wake up and listen now!

    ©2020 Chris Neil (P)2020 Chris Neil

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