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    Are you looking forward to learning machine learning? No matter your skill level, this powerful, three-in-one audiobook will get you started to help you begin and expand your knowledge. 

    Inside you’ll find:

    Master Machine Learning Fundamental for Beginners

    • Framing - work out the scope and look at the project as a whole
    • Get insights from your data
    • Prepare your data so the algorithms can see the data patterns
    • Fine-tune and put your models together in a fantastic solution 

    Master Machine Learning for Business Leaders

    • Machine learning for your business
    • Data mining techniques
    • Business optimization
    • Machine learning for marketing
    • Machine learning for finance
    • Day trading with machine learning 

    Master Machine Learning for Aspiring Data Scientists

    • The different types of machine learning algorithms, including regression and classification
    • Data cleansing
    • The downsides of some algorithms
    • The ins and outs of machine learning iteration
    • Training models
    • Exploratory analysis

    And much more.... 

    So download a copy and start building your confidence and skills. Begin your journey to mastering the concepts of machine learning.

    ©2019 MG Martin (P)2019 MGC Publishing

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