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    MSM - a natural painkiller and health supplement

    MSM has existed in our lives for over 20 years. We have been using it as a food supplement to enhance our quality of life and as a painkiller, replacing DMSO and its foul smell and side effects. But how much do we really know about it? How much do we really know about how sulfur can work in our favor?

    For both DMSO and MSM, the definitive work has been laid down by Drs. Robert Herschler and Stanley W. Jacob. Dr. Jacob is actually the one who has conducted most of the scientific studies and used MSM in over 18,000 patients. The results can be considered nothing less than astonishing. MSM is a nontoxic substance without any side effects reported that can intervene beneficially to reduce or completely alleviate pain and inflammation while working to reduce the risk factors and the causes of many other diseases and conditions.

    Many people consider MSM a miracle of nature. Actually, it is not. It is a substance that has always been there, but we have only just begun to understand its properties and take advantage of its benefits. That's because scientists were too preoccupied with trying to prove the worth of other minerals, like zinc and iron, and completely forgot all about sulfur. However, it appears that this interest may have come somewhat late.

    MSM is actually the third largest element existing in the human body, after water and sodium. It also exists in all living things. But it has been almost depleted in the soil that we cultivate for our food, and the only place on Earth that it is still abundant is over the oceans. Furthermore, it appears that all the processes we submit our foods through further reduce the quantities of MSM that can be obtained by the food source. Thus the need for taking it in the form of daily supplements.

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