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    Low Carbohydrate Living is a three-in-one audiobook that includes these books: Keto Diet After 50, Sugar Detoxification, and Keto Diet for Beginners.

    Keto Diet After 50: Complete Guide to Keto for People over 50:

    As you reach the age of 50, you will be facing a number of problems in your life. Your appetite will be affected, and the capacity of your body to deal with various situations is most likely to decrease.

    The principles of the keto diet go against the famous misconception that only fats are responsible for all the traits of obesity which has spread all around the globe.

    So, why do so many people want to embrace only a low-carb diet along with high fat? What exactly is the secret to a successful ketogenic diet?

    If you are looking out for the answers to these questions, you can find all your answers in this audiobook Keto Diet After 50: Complete Guide to Keto for People over 50.

    Sugar Detoxification: 30 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

    You are making a choice to free yourself from an invisible force in your life. Sugar is hiding everywhere and causing inflammation in your body and has the potential to cause many other health issues, which are discussed in more depth in this audiobook.

    Using Sugar Detoxification as your guide, you can begin to claim back parts of your life that you may not have even realized you have lost control of.

    Keto Diet for Beginners: Keto Easy Recipes

    Have you ever tried to read or listen to a recipe, and it loses you from the very first line? If so, you will be pleased with the information provided in Keto Diet for Beginners. As a beginner, the ketogenic diet might be a bit of a challenge when you first begin making the changes to your menu planning. You may be tired of fat diets that don’t work, but the keto plan is much more than a fad, it’s been around for a very long time.

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