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    Strength. Healing. Safety.

    After testifying against my father, I’m ready to shut the door on my past and begin my future with Hendrix. For the first time, I’m happy. Hopeful.

    But not even the Garden of Eden lasted forever. When I agree to sing on stage for the first time with Hendrix’s band, August Clover, a storm rips through town, killing hundreds, injuring more, including Hendrix.

    He lingers in a coma for weeks before finally waking up. When he does, nothing is the same. As Hendrix and I struggle to reconnect, my father retaliates against me, forcing me into hiding. Every time I think I can claw my way out of the darkness, it sucks me back down.

    But my will to live is stronger than I think, and for the first time in my life, hope, love, and family dangle in front of me. 

    I’ll do whatever it takes to bring Hendrix back to me. Because in my heart, I know that love has no limits. And I will break the chains that work so hard to bind me.

    Buy this final story in Gemma and Hendrix’s trilogy!

    This book includes mature content and possible triggers.

    ©2019 J.A. Owenby (P)2021 J.A. Owenby

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