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    Erotica author Jael Long isn't about sweet and beautiful. Oh no. Her erotica is all about control and rough sex situations. Whether your fantasy is to be controlled by a dominant man or even to do the controlling, you're sure to find her stories very, very stimulating.

    1. Emily's Ass: A Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story with Bondage

    Emily's master is ready to claim her ass, and Emily dutifully waits, though she's inwardly terrified of the pain. Even when she's bent over and cuffed, she doesn't resist. Maybe she should. After all, Master can be cruel, very cruel. It won't matter to him that it's her first anal sex experience. There's nothing he does that isn't very, very rough.

    2. Get Me Pregnant! A Rough Sex Breeding Erotica Story

    Marilyn is ready to get it on! Nothing turns her on more than being pregnant, and so far she's had three children for wealthy men. There's a new customer, and she and her boyfriend are excited to see her pregnant one more time. There's a difference with this one, though. He likes his sex - even when it's making babies - rough... very, very rough.

    3. Jeremy Cheers Brenda Up: A Public Sex Erotica Story

    Brenda can't believe her boyfriend is breaking up with her after all she did to try to be what he wanted. She's angry, but she determines to have a great life anyway. A friend is ready to step in and help, and on a whim she invites him to sex club. She bought the tickets for her boyfriend, but since he's a prick, she'll take Jeremy. She's about to discover what it means for a man to want her for who she is instead of what she does to change.

    4. Mike Learns the Ropes: A Story of Female Domination

    Since his divorce, Mike hasn't been getting any. He spends his nights jerking off to porn, and he watches more and more bondage imagining his ex-wife in ropes.

    ©2013 BJ Hardcore Erotica Press (P)2014 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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