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Living on Purpose, for a Purpose

Autor: Joyce Meyer
Sprecher: Joyce Meyer
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 1 Min.

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Are you living each day with eternal purpose, laying a foundation of godly living to motivate future generations? Will the world miss you when you are gone? Joyce spent 40 years of her life without actively addressing these important questions before she learned how to live on purpose, for a purpose, each day of her life. Now with these teachings, Joyce shares how to identify and actively pursue your God-given purpose - and take hold of the incredible plans God has prepared for you!

This motivating three-part series will get you thinking about:

  • Your specific God-given purpose in life
  • Changes you can make to fulfill that purpose
  • What it means to live for eternity
  • How to maximize the time you have left

Don’t waste any more time wishing and waiting for your circumstances to change. Take your life back - and start living a life you love!

©2016 Joyce Meyer Ministries (P)2016 Joyce Meyer Ministries

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