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    When you come to pray, talk less and listen more! Prayer is supposed to be a dialogue, not a monologue!

    In this latest masterpiece from best-selling author, Daniel Okpara, you'll discover that most of your prayers have been answered. Most times what you need is to listen. That's how to turn your prayer points into visible answers.

    He says:

    "My life changed completely when I stopped seeing God as the one responsible for my unanswered prayers. I learned that all my prayers are quickly turned from praying to manifestation when I listen and receive instruction than when I continue to beg and wait".

    Listening in the place of prayer is the most powerful way to receive answers to your prayers.

    Fortunately, listening is not rocket science. Everyone can listen when they pray and, in turn, receive the answers to their prayers.

    In this audiobook, you will learn from true-life stories that this is the greatest mystery of receiving answers not often practised by many of us in prayers. This mystery is responsible for why we spend months and years praying, and it would seem as if God is not answering our prayers.

    And when you master this mystery and listen more in prayers, you will begin to pray:

    • Prayers that work
    • Prayers that move mountains
    • Prayers that heal the sick
    • Prayers that rout demons and obtain breakthrough
    • Prayers that command financial blessing
    • And lots more

    Your life will not remain the same again.

    ©2020 Daniel C. Okpara (P)2020 Daniel C. Okpara

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