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    Imagine having a secret system that if implemented would significantly increase the level of results you are producing in your life. We're talking about all areas of life: health, business, finance, and personal and communal leadership.

    Lightning Growth is designed to provide you those strategies in a easy to digest, quick audiobook from some of the world's foremost experts. They'll provide the secret sauce they use to achieve the greatest results in the top areas of their lives. We believe in finding the experts who are achieving the most in a specific area, studying their path, and following their steps to create our own success. This is that guide for you.

    Contributors to Lightning Growth include:

    Jessica LoRusso

    Esperanza Montalvo

    Aneeta Pathak

    Lewena Bayer

    Alli Mang

    Abha Maryada Banerjee

    Kathy Fray

    Steve Lentini

    Dr. Theresa del Tufo

    Joan Peck

    David Ryback

    Gaurav Bhalla

    Allison Sutter

    Justin Sachs

    Pete Winiarski

    David Tweedt

    Dr. Ali Al Khouri

    Hans C. Mumm

    Terri Levine

    Akasha Garnier

    ©2017 Justin Sachs (P)2018 Justin Sachs

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