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Letters of Intent

Parts One & Two
Sprecher: Courtney Jones
Spieldauer: 47 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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This title contains sexual content unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Abigail never thought she'd be sleeping her way to the top, but that's exactly what she's doing and liking every minute of it...until her desires send her colliding with a dangerously spun web in the office.

Abigail wonders who the mystery man may be. The very man in which she found herself tangled with in the throes of passion in the supply closet. This man may ruin her chances in the firm and with her lover, but she can't stop thinking about him. When she realizes her current dreams are a bust, and her future coming to an end, something happens to change her plans entirely...something she never imagined.

©2014 Angelica Boone and Hayden Voss (P)2014 Angelica Boone and Hayden Voss


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