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Lesbian Love in Lavender

Janice and the Giant Dildo, a Tale of Lesbian Seduction with First Anal Sex
Autor: Sadie Woods
Sprecher: Rebecca Blue
Spieldauer: 24 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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I was trying out my best friend's giant bath along with her wonderful aromatherapy bath salts when she surprised me by getting in with me. I got so damned turned on I couldn't help myself but moaned like some kind of slut! It wasn't long before washing my back wasn't part of the equation at all. Instead, she kissed me and touched me and then led me to the bedroom where she had a surprise in store for me. She opened her nightstand and pulled out a massive dildo. I wasn't sure my pussy could handle it. Of course, if I knew where Janice intended to put that thing, I probably would have run out of the room in terror! Who would have thought my first lesbian experience would also be my first anal sex?

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