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    Leila is gifted unimaginable powers by a secretive alien race. The aliens infused their technology into Leila's mind while she was in her mother's womb. As a result, Leila becomes the target for experimentation by other dangerous and unscrupulous aliens. They try to abduct Leila to their planet to steal this advanced technology so they can dominate other worlds and their inhabitants. 

    Leila is able to thwart the aliens' plans, even when she is a baby. Since then, she has remained anonymous, unidentified, and clandestine, living in peace on a shiny blue planet in the Milky Way Galaxy.  

    However, the time is fast approaching when Leila will reveal herself and her powers to the universe and the people of the planet Earth....

    ©2018 Pat Basil Hayes (P)2018 Pat Basil Hayes

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