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Do you want to learn the Spanish language? Are you traveling and looking to hone your basic Spanish-speaking skills? Are you a student looking to strengthen your knowledge of the Spanish language? Or, do you have the passion and the desire to learn a new language?

Whatever your motivation is to learn Spanish, following a step-by-step guide is critical to helping you learn quickly!

Learn Spanish in Your Car for Beginners allows you to truly learn Spanish, whether you've tried to learn Spanish before or just started. This book is going to give you the tools to quickly learn Spanish with my concise and direct method. It will teach you the structure of the Spanish language, which will empower you to make your sentences.

I don't want you to memorize premade sentences like a lot of other methods out there. I want you to be able to make sentences of your own. The ability to make your sentences is exactly what you need in a real conversation. The memorization of prefabricated sentences does not work. 

You will be able to communicate in Spanish with your employees, the families of your students, your patients, your clients, your colleagues, and when you travel to Spanish-speaking countries.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

  • Spanish alphabet
  • Spanish pronunciation 
  • Numbers, dates, time, colors, seasons and directions
  • Common Spanish words and vocabulary
  • Greetings, introductions, and manners
  • Commonly used expressions and phrases
  • People, places, and things
  • Spanish verbs
  • And many more...
©2019 Michael Patrick Noble, Paul Jackson Anderson (P)2019 Michael Patrick Noble, Paul Jackson Anderson

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