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If you want to know what's the one big lie that multi-million dollar companies of foreign-language products have told us for years, then keep reading....

For decades, the multi-million dollar companies of foreign language products have told us a big lie....

They've lied to us all and said anyone can become fully conversational or even fluent in a foreign language just by learning a few hundred words or less.   

As a life-long student of foreign languages who has dedicated the better part of his adult life helping others to learn Spanish, I can tell you that's complete hogwash!  

The big companies tell us this lie so they can put as little effort as possible in creating their programs - which for them means being able to make as much money as possible.   

There was a time when I actually believed that ridiculousness. That I could become fully conversational in Spanish or even fluent in just by learning a few hundred words.    

That was before I moved to Colombia and was hit with a bombshell....

While living in Colombia, I realized the more Spanish words I learned, the more Spanish I was able to speak and understand. And the more Spanish that I was able to speak and understand, the more confidence I had communicating with Spanish speakers. And the more confidence I had, the more effective I became communicating in Spanish.   

This bundle will help you accomplish your goal of speaking Spanish with greater confidence by adding hundreds or even thousands of Spanish words to your vocabulary.   

What’s included in your three audiobooks?:

  • 1,000 Spanish words
  • 99 Spanish conversations
  • 150 Spanish idioms
  • PDF transcript to lessons
  • Only native Spanish-speaking voice actors so you develop an authentic Latin American Spanish accent 

To add hundreds or even thousands of words to your Spanish vocabulary and accomplish your goal of speaking conversational Spanish with much greater confidence, this is what you need to do now....

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PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio. 

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