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    “Oh Romeo, Romeo, perché sei tu Romeo? Rinnega tuo padre, e rifiuta il tuo nome! O, se non lo vuoi, tienilo pure e giura di amarmi, ed io non sarò più una Capuleti.” - William Shakespeare

    Wow! Hearing in Italian a declaration of love among the most famous in the history of literature is wonderful! It is no surprise to me because Italian is widely considered one of the world's most romantic languages, the language of love. 

    Amore, tesoro, dolcezza, bellissima, innamorato were voted to be some of the most romantic words in any language.

    This is due to the history and culture of the Italian language combined with its easily recognizable rhythm. It has a long history of beautifully written poetry, prose, and opera. The rhythmic distribution of consonants and vowels contributes to Italian's marked lilting sound. Speakers of other languages often say that Italian naturally sounds like singing.

    Would you like to finally be able to speak Italian? Have you taken standard Italian courses and been bombarded with Italian grammar?

    This incredible Italian course focuses on learning not only grammar but on speaking the language. After all, the goal of learning a language is to be able to speak, right? That's why this course will have you speaking Italian from the very first lesson.

    As a college language professor, I love languages. I want to share this beautiful language with the world and help people all around the globe learn Italian. This audio course is designed for people interested in mastering Italian while learning about the Italian culture.

    We will not only look at basic words like cappuccino, maccheroni, and prosciutto, but we will learn together useful sentences that will help you build up your confidence and give you that extra spur to have you speaking Italian in no time!

    Inside this audiobook, you'll discover:

    • The easiest verbs to learn so that you can have actual conversations in Italian
    • The best way to ask questions
    • An exploration of plurals and grammar changes
    • Tips and tricks for learning Italian in the easiest, fastest way possible
    • Fun, simple stories to help you practice the new words you've just learned
    • Questions at the end of each story so you can practice what you learned
    • A vocabulary list with easy-to-understand phonetic transcription
    • Summaries for you to review at the end of every lesson
    • Engaging exercises to help you recap everything you've practiced
    • And so much more

    This course has topics ranging from beginner to advanced level, so you can expect to enjoy the endless benefits of learning Italian sooner than you think. Is your desire to learn the language strong enough to get you to do the only thing that separates you from the knowledge? If it is, buy now to get started!

    ©2021 Laura Roma (P)2021 Laura Roma

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