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    Learning a new language should be a structured process, and in order to master it, grammar and rules should play an important part. However, they aren't enough to fully get the newly acquired language to work effectively from a communication point of view.

    Do you know that Italian has around 60 million native speakers, and other than Italy, it’s the official language of San Marino, Switzerland, and Vatican City?

    Italian is a romance language rooted in vulgar Latin. The first appearances of some written Italian documents date back to the 10th century. However, Italian linguistic unity didn’t begin developing until the 13th and 14th centuries. It all started from the Tuscan dialect, and after gaining popularity - possibly because of Tuscany’s central location and importance - it slowly became standard Italian. 

    Did you know that:

    • Quite a lot of terms, from art, history, music theory and food are Italian
    • Every letter in a word must be pronounced as Italian is pronounced phonetically. There are no silent letters except for the letter "h". The reason why - as an attentive listener might have realized - is that Italian speakers struggle a bit and have to force themselves not to drop the "h" when they speak English. Every letter corresponds to a distinguishable sound. Pronunciation and spelling almost coincide.
    • Almost all the words end in a vowel. That’s what gives the Italian language that unique musical quality. Vowels can present diacritic marks that stress the accent on the last syllable.

    You can train your Italian pronunciation by watching videos or films in the original language, from which you can always learn new phrases. Write them down, otherwise you will lose the opportunity to implement your vocabulary.

    If you are taking a vacation in Italy, do not be afraid to socialize. Italians do not bite! You can get help from those who really live the Italian language on a daily basis and maybe solve doubts that arise while you study.

    Here is a preview of what you will learn:

    • Tips to be successful when you learn a new language
    • Basics of Italian  alphabet
    • Complements
    • Useful everyday short phrases
    • And much more...

    Buy the audiobook today, and start learn the most charming language in the world!

    ©2019 CRC Publishing (P)2020 CRC Publishing

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