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    We have been taught right from infancy that prayer has so much power, and that constant communication with the Almighty is the way to experience the remarkable nature of God and build an intimate relationship with Him. The issue here, however, is that only a handful of individuals know how to truly pray genuinely in the real sense of the word and action. In this guide, I have outlined and explained what prayer is and how to pray effortlessly and concisely.

    Learn How to Pray for Beginners will guide you on how to pray at certain times and under specific situations. With prayers comes abundant blessings and fosters a closer and longlasting relationship with your Creator. Praying does not have to be a chore or monotonous as you must have observed. It is a beautiful and wholesome act that should be powerful and personal.

    You will learn how to set up your prayer life and in the process develop your unique style of praying. Praying should come from a place of humility and readiness to truly experience the awesome power of the Holy Spirit.

    Your innermost person will be enlightened on creating a divine pattern of true worship, petition, and intercession with the presence of the Holy Trinity all around you at all times.

    This book on how to pray offers a new perspective on getting closer to God. It is welded so much power, and it is so simple. Your life will undergo a great turn-around, all to the Glory of God.

    Take that step in the right direction today.

    ©2019 Carley R. Lester (P)2019 Carley R. Lester

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