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Lean Six Sigma: Value Stream Mapping

Simplified Beginner's Guide to Eliminating Waste and Adding Value with Lean
Autor: Jerry Kershen
Sprecher: Pourya Rahbar
Spieldauer: 53 Min.

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Lean Six Sigma & Value Stream Mapping!

If you're reading this, then odds are that you've seen enough of your precious business resources go to waste!

In Lean Six Sigma: Value Stream Mapping: Simplified Beginner's Guide to Eliminating Waste and Adding Value with Lean, you will learn exactly what you need to know in order to create more value, and waste less, which is what we're all after here isn't? Do you want to squeeze the best out of your budget and reduce cost, time spent, and your resources massively and efficiently? This guide will introduce you to the best system out there in an easy-to-understand and interactive manner. Before you know it, you'll be adding value with Lean, and Value Stream Mapping.

Keep reading, because you are about to learn everything you need to in order to get started. Whether your budget is large or small, here, you will discover the answers to your questions.

Stop wasting your money, time, and resources when you could be utilizing this incredible strategy!

Let's take a look at what's inside....

  • Reasons to use Lean Six Sigma to reduce cost
  • Process cost reduction
  • How to find cost reduction opportunities in waste
  • Using the voice of the customer to identify cost-cutting opportunities
  • Making processes transparent to expose waste
  • Measure process efficiency
  • Improve your analysis skills
  • Make rapid improvements through kaizens
  • Think transformation, not just improvement
  • Unlock the secrets to speed and flexibility
  • Reduce the cost of complexity
  • Look outside your four walls to lower cost

©2016 Jerry Kershen (P)2016 Jerry Kershen


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