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    Welcome to Lean Analytics.

    In this audiobook, we are going to follow up the Lean Startup philosophy by taking a closer look at how you can measure your organization’s progress and effectiveness through the use of Lean Analytics.

    As such, we are going to discuss the types of metrics which you can track throughout the life cycle of your product or service. Bear in mind that the Lean Startup philosophy is all about improving processes more so than products themselves.

    Often, companies have great ideas and great products but poor execution. Therefore, their product may be great but their processes pertaining to sales and distribution may be poor. In addition, there are companies which do not take full advantage of customer feedback. In such cases, a company is missing a great opportunity to deliver what customers truly want.

    So, the purpose of Lean Analytics is to follow up the Lean Startup philosophy all the way throughout your organization’s growth. This is especially important since you are surely interested in taking your company as far as it will go. Thus, you shouldn’t be afraid to face the music. Whatever your customers have to say will surely go a long way toward improving the overall quality of your products and or services.

    Lean Analytics can help you determine how effective your actions have been based on the stage of your business model. As such, this understanding will lead you to focus on how you can use the various stages of the Lean Analytics quadrant to help you base your decisions on sound fundamentals.

    Let’s get started by taking a closer look at how Lean Analytics can make your company’s overall value proposition that much better.

    ©2019 Brad Ferguson (P)2020 Brad Ferguson

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