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Leadership Tactics

Develop an Effective Leadership Throughout Empathy, and Emotional Intelligence - Become the Leader You Would Follow
Autor: John Collin
Sprecher: Doug Eisengrein
Spieldauer: 3 Std.

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To make sure I provide the help I have always wanted to, I have conducted an extensive study across the spheres of business, religion, and philosophy. I realize that many people are passionate about becoming brilliant leaders, but one of their biggest problems is that they have no manual to teach them that.

This is that manual, and that is exactly why this audiobook is packed with a lot of information. I have documented a pack of transformational information about yourself and leadership in the succeeding sections. This audiobook covers the real essence of leadership and what it means to be a leader. I talk about how to build an indefatigable team, and I give you everlasting tips. There’s a lot of references and stories to drive home my points as well. There should have been big terminologies too, but I want it to seem like we are in your room, sitting and talking about this, not at a conference or symposium. I figure we can talk better when it is just you and me.

Without mincing words, you are about to learn how to advance your leadership ability and develop into a real leader. I will mention things you didn’t see coming, so, be set to unlearn quite a lot. Ready?

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