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Law of Attraction

Money, Happiness, Love, and Better Relationships for Everyone
Sprecher: Donna Lorenz Motta
Spieldauer: 45 Min.

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Learn to apply the law of attraction and live a happier, more fulfilling live with more success in every aspect of it!

This book is the answer you have been looking for. You will learn what the law of attraction is, how it works for everyone, and what you need to begin to put these applications into practice in your life.

The chapters will point out some of the many ways that the brain is the only tool you need to realize every dream you have ever wished for, receive every good thing you deserve in life, and how to go about having it all.

You will discover the concepts behind the law of attraction, how the laws are put into practice for maximum benefit, what to do when it seems as though the law of attraction is not working for you as it should, and how the power of positive vibrations is the key to unlocking every success in life!

The final chapter will explore the difference between the universal truth of the law of attraction and other positive thought retraining programs that are popular today, and why most of them will not work.

Every effort in this book was made to ensure it contains much useful information as possible. Please enjoy!

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