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Lady and the Wolf

Autor: S.A. Cross
Sprecher: Sheri Sheridan
Spieldauer: 12 Std. und 16 Min.

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"She is his curse, the one thing that Athea created to be Konstantin's downfall, and inside, Van holds a monster who is falling for it."

Walking among humans are beings far different from their own. However, both their worlds are more intertwined than it seems.

Revered as a god by his own kind, Van Volkov holds one of the four remaining Lycans, Konstantin. His golden eyes command great attention. Bound to protect the shifters for eternity, he has blocked out all forms of emotions he considered a weakness and formed a steel wall around him. That was until a group of rogue shifters attacked and killed a nearby campsite. Because of the Alpha that he is, Van has to safeguard the territory and keep the attack under wraps. But something made Konstantin ill at ease - a human child had survived. And as if by fate, he finds the key to unlocking his hidden humanity. But after he took the child under his care, something that he has never imagined, nightmarish things start to unfold, and a prophecy of long ago begins to unravel. Just when he thought that everything has been put under control, the truth is, the story has only just started. What if the prophecy is true? Finding out that the child is the reason for his demise and all the shifters he is supposed to protect, he has but one crucial decision to make: Will he choose the lady or the wolf?

Prepare to be enthralled with the mysteries that bound the lady and the Lycan in this first book of the Lady and the Wolf series.

©2016 BLVNP, Incorporated (P)2017 S.A.Cross

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