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    Dark fairy tales. Waking legends. A magical battle for the heart of Christmas....

    Krampus Night is coming and even though Gabrielle Greene has only been staying in her Uncle's strange alpine city a few weeks, she's already earned the reputation of the worst girl who ever lived. She doesn't know it yet, but she's also leapt to the top of Krampus's list.

    Krampus, the sinister Winter King, the anti-Father Christmas who comes calling once a year seeking wicked children to haul back to his realm.

    When Gabrielle's younger brother goes missing, she sets out in search of him but soon finds herself hurtling into a shadowy otherworld. A place of terrible trolls, murky forests, coal-black mountains, Christmas charms and fearsome beasts.

    Can Gabrielle save her brother from the fiendish Krampus? Will she become The Thief of Christmas?

    The clock is ticking as Gabrielle discovers her decisions have created terrible consequences, consequences that must be faced if Christmas is to survive.

    Krampus and the Thief of Christmas is a magical adventure of yuletide thrills, dark comedy and festive delights.

    ©2016 Derrick Sutton (P)2019 Derrick Sutton

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