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    Do you love being a vegan but hate that delicious snacks like brownies, cookies, and puddings make you fat and lethargic?

    Vegan and ketogenic diets make for a surprisingly good pairing. It may not seem like it at first if you look at their contrasting carb and fat intake requirements. But by following the core principles of each, you get a program that’s much healthier and more effective. Specifically, the vegan keto program combines the "no animal-derived food products" rule of the vegan diet and the low-carb, high-fat foundation of a ketogenic diet.

    In this audiobook, we have put together amazingly delicious, healthy, and easy-to-follow recipes that combine natural ingredients with some of the lowest amounts of carbs and highest amounts of fat. Many recipes use seeds, tofu, or tempeh to provide a good balance of protein as well.

    Carbohydrates are not totally eliminated in every single recipe, but they represent a very small percentage of your meal when they are included. 

    If you really want to feel younger, have more energy, be stronger, and become the best you want to be, then get this audiobook, or you will be sure to waste time and money on other guides, which may be dangerous and not have any effect on you.

    Download now and discover the healthy and flavorful world of ketogenic vegan food!

    ©2017 David H Gordon (P)2018 David H Gordon

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