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    From the publishers of The Definitive Guide to The Paleo Diet and from the wacky, informative, full of figures, scientific data, nutritionist Andrew King, comes a whole new book on the Keto Diet. This audiobook is a roller coaster ride that proves even some diets are oxymoronic.

    "Are you high? Eat fat to shrug off fat?"

    Discover the ins and out of one of the most famous dietary regiments out there. Grab hold of all those tasty nuggets of wisdom that will take a wizard's wand to your gut and say:

    "Puff, begone doughnut! Zap, disappear pounds! Sayonara, Fat!"

    Find out how to scalp off, remove, destroy and obliterate that flat tire you have bulging on your waist. Explore the fascinating lifestyle of an existence devoted to the zen-like state of ketosis. Become that fat burning, mean-as-dirt metabolic machine you've dreamed of every night.

    This isn't just a diet book but a real go-to, get in shape regiment. A no-hold-barred, none of the hippie vegan nonsense, dietary system. No talk of walking 10 miles per day. No lip yammering on the advantages of doing eight hours of cross-fit. No tongue wagging on not acting your age and joining some caveman cult. This is a narrative, a diet, for those who simply want to stay true to their New Year's resolution without devoting their existence to that obsession.

    This book was composed to show men and women, of any age - not just in their 20s with extra time and energy in their hands -  how to truly improve their dietary lifestyle. To give each and everyone out there a compass through the topsy-turvy Keto diet. Eating healthier, losing weight, taking a hatchet to your waistline has never been simpler. The Complete Keto Guide for Beginners is an easy-to-follow book crafted and created for dummies and nitwits.

    Here's what you're going to get with this audiobook:

    • A look behind the scenes of one of the most famous diets out there, plus crazy tales of how the diet started, plus info on the crazy Spartans, mad scientific experiments, journalistic hoot-and-nanny, and even Academy Award winners.
    • A comprehensive scientific study on the Keto diet.
    • An in-depth investigation of how this diet first came into existence.
    • A perfectly researched tale on the Keto diet's many benefits; the good, the bad, and even the ugly.
    • Workarounds for some of Keto's less than savory sideeffects.
    • The definitive answer on whether or not the Keto diet works.
    • A complete overview demonstrating the fundamentals of the ketogenic diet and advice for living the keto lifestyle.
    • One hundred and one lip-smacking, finger-sucking recipes.
    • Discover if you suffer from "Chris Prattianism."
    • More nutritional information than you can shake a stick at.
    • A couple of jokes.
    • Handy charts.
    ©2018 Andrew King (P)2018 Andrew King

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