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Keto Egg Diet

The Concise 14-Day Cheat Sheet Magnetic Food Plan to Help Burn Excess Belly Fat and Gain Control of Your Entire Body Weight
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The Keto Egg diet is a low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, but protein-heavy diet. It is made to help assist in bodyweight loss without compromising the protein and the need to build muscles. As its name suggests, it emphasizes the intake of eggs as a primary way to obtain protein and low or no carbs.

The egg diet has multiple versions; the beginners' or learners' and the complete Vegan plans. However, in each, you can only drink water or zero-calorie beverages.

Susan Joe-Mills makes us understand that foods rich in egg products are good for boosting metabolism and give nutritional value. It also help the foodies keep their fitness intact. Foods saturated in carbs and natural sugar, like the majority of fruits, plant products, loaves of bread, plates of pasta, and rice are removed from the dietary plan, which typically lasts for 14 days. You merely eat breakfast, lunchtime, and dinner. You can snack on water or other zero-calorie beverages for this period, and the difference starts to show in less than three days.

The book contains a 14-day meal plan or time table, with easy and fast recipes; changes that may happen to your body after Week 1 and 2; other foods you can consumed during the plan; and foods/snacks to avoid on this plan to have a super amazing result and much more. Have a great fitness journey!

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