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    Water is life. Our bodies are made up of water - at least 80 percent of it - and to keep the organs working, we must remain hydrated always. We need to drink water, and not only water, but low-carb nutritious drinks. When it comes to drinks on keto, plain old water is the king. Both still and sparkling.

    The first step is the hardest with any diet, and this goes doubly true for the keto diet. However, forewarned is definitely forearmed in this instance, and knowing what to expect will allow you to plan the time when you can make the leap to the keto lifestyle to help ensure your eventual success. 

    Plan for the transition by cutting out carbs from your diet, piece by piece, and be sure to choose a week where you don’t need to be at your best. Above all, it is important to stick with it, as giving up or giving in will only mean that you have to start from scratch again at a later date. 

    Remember, switching to the keto diet is a marathon, not a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race.

    This book offers a collection of over 111 drinks, with recipes for:

    • Smoothies
    • Cocktails
    • Juices
    • Coffee 
    • Water
    • Shakes

    All these drinks are allowed on a low-carb diet. Stay hydrated, stay healthy!

    ©2019 Dr. Royal Trump (P)2019 Dr. Royal Trump

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