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    Have you ever tried to read a recipe, and it loses you from the very first line? If so, you will be pleased with the information provided within the Keto Diet for Beginners. As a beginner, the ketogenic diet might be a bit of a challenge when you first begin making the changes to your menu planning. You may be tired of fat diets that don’t work, but the keto plan is much more than a fad, it’s been around for a very long time. 

    Inside, you will find:  

    You have a vast number of new recipes to begin your ketogenic diet plan, which includes breakfast favorites, lunch specialties, dinner options, anytime smoothies, and delicious desserts. You can choose from beef, pork, poultry options, and other goodies to use as desired. Each one will provide you with the protein counts, total fat content, net carbs, and calories, so you can maintain your ketosis balance. 

    Here is a sneak peek to tempt your taste buds:  

    • Tomato pesto mug cake
    • Shrimp Asparagus Noodles
    • Shrimp andFish Roe Salad Sandwiches
    • Chili sensation without beans
    • Oven-baked dijon salmon
    • Stuffed chicken and asparagus
    • Almond strawberry smoothies
    • Blueberry - kefir smoothie
    • Chocolate chip cookie dough fat bomb
    • No-bake cheesecake
    • Pumpkin pie cupcakes
    • Raspberry chia pudding
    • Green buttered eggs
    • Italian omelet with cheese
    • Peanut butter protein bar 

    Not only will you acquire many delicious food items, but the ketogenic techniques used will also provide you with an array of benefits, including: 

    • Improved mental clarity or focus
    • Beneficial for patients who suffer from epilepsy
    • Increased vitality and energy
    • Accelerated fat loss
    • Lowered cholesterol
    • Lowered blood sugar  

    Here is how it started:  

    Dr. Russell Wilder, from the Mayo clinic, became well-known in 1924 when he designed the keto plan, which was used as part of an epilepsy therapy treatment plan. He also had epilepsy. The program became known for its other effects which helped in weight loss, and many other ailments. 

    The program for ketosis was set aside in the 1940s because newer and improved methods were invented for the treatment of epilepsy. However, during that time, 20 percent to 30 percent of the cases using the alternate plan had failed. Therefore, the ketogenic plan was reintroduced to the patients as a successful treatment plan. That’s just for starters! 

    Ketosis is used to help you drop extra pounds and burn body fat using healthy eating practices. Proteins will fuel your body to burn fat, which in turn, ketosis will maintain your muscles and make you less hungry. Your body will remain healthy and work as it should. It will switch over to ketosis for its energy source as you reduce the intake of carbs and calories. 

    Why not get started right now with your new way of life and eating opportunities? You will learn many new ways to enjoy tons of fresh ketogenic meals. No worries for you as a beginner; each recipe thoroughly explains the process involved in the preparation of your new delicious meals and snacks.

    Let’s enjoy one tonight!

    ©2020 Axel Eenfeldt (P)2020 Axel Eenfeldt

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