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    Do you miss your favorite American take-out or restaurant meals? Wishing you could make it keto?

    If so, Keto Copycat Recipes: Delicious, Quick, Healthy, and Easy to Follow Cookbook for Making Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes at Home the Ketogenic Way! by Karla Baker is the audiobook for you!

    Dining out is one of our favorite things to do. Catching up with friends, out on a hot date, a quick drive-thru, or celebrating an occasion with family all revolve around food. However, dining out can be difficult when you're following a keto diet. It can be difficult asking for the carb and protein content without making a fuss. What if you could create restaurant standard food from the comfort of your own home, all ketogenic!

    Why choose this audiobook?

    While it is common knowledge that a ketogenic lifestyle is beneficial for health and wellness, it can still be hard adjusting and restricting your diet. Our audiobook offers a wide variety of meals for all times of the day, just like those you used to enjoy out! They're all in line with a ketogenic diet, so there is no need to miss out any longer!

    What is inside?

    • Our Favorite Ketogenic Copycat Recipes for All Times of the Day (Savory and Sweet)
    • Introduction to a Ketogenic Diet
    • Introduction to Copycat
    • Our Favorite Ketogenic Copycat Recipes For All Times Of The Day (Savory and Sweet)
    • And much, much more!

    What are you waiting for?

    Kick-start your life now by purchasing this audiobook!

    ©2020 Karla Baker (P)2020 Karla Baker

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