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    A gritty thriller set behind the Iron Curtain in 1960s Hungary.

    Budapest, 1964. Special Investigator Bertalan Lázár and his wife, spymaster Franciska Lázár, face formidable challenges as they try to navigate a path through the dangerous underworld of Cold War-era Hungary. Catching the criminals is difficult enough, but there are other more threatening battles raging in higher places. 

    In these eight episodes, Bertalan prepares to fight a turf war as he tries to find a child killer, investigates a seemingly straightforward case of GBH that leads him to a rogue cop and enters the uncharted territory of Budapest's underground drugs scene after a rock musician is found dead. 

    His life is further complicated by the return of his old nemesis, Tibor Farkas, and soon both he and Franciska find themselves in the firing line as the corrupt cop turns his sights on them.... 

    Written by Philip Palmer, this gripping, atmospheric drama expertly conjures up the tense, paranoid world of Communist Hungary, where dissidence was dangerous, the truth was hard to find and pursuing justice could get you killed. Leo Bill stars as Bertalan and Clare Corbett as Franciska, with Andy Linden as Tibor Farkas. 

    The episodes in this collection are:

    • 'Gellert Hill'
    • 'Spider's Web'
    • 'Carnaby Street'
    • 'Gypsy Dancers'
    • 'Grandmother's Footsteps'
    • 'Mad Dog'
    • 'The Light of Dawn'
    • 'The Great Society'

    Produced and directed by Toby Swift and Sasha Yevtushenko. 


    Bertalan Lázár - Leo Bill

    Franciska Lázár - Clare Corbett

    József Szabados - Joseph Ayre

    Dmitri Dragunov - Simon Scardifield

    Márk Mészáros - Michael Bertenshaw

    András Vásáry - David Hounslow

    Priest/Copper - Christopher Harper

    Gyuri Varg/Fabenyi/Police officer/Partygoer - Kenny Blyth

    Dorina Varga - Helen Clapp

    Ministry official/Police officer/Drug dealer/Partygoer - Chris Pavlo

    Hanna Krivosik - Franchi Webb

    Zsófia/Nurse 1 - Sarah Ovens

    Tibor Farkas - Andy Linden

    PuŠomori Žiga - Debbie Korley

    Nurse 2/Receptionist - Susan Jameson

    Gyozo Novak - Carl Prekopp

    Florian Hevesi - Luke Nunn

    Sandor Boros - Stephen Greif

    Pathologist - Jane Whittenshaw

    Cop/Detective - Stefan Adegbola

    Mother - Emma Handy

    Kulcsar - Roger Ringrose

    Draskovic - Ewan Bailey

    Billiards player/Prison officer - Ian Dunnett Jnr

    ©2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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